Aspergillus flavus AF36, is a biological control product for the displacement of aflatoxin producing fungi in agricultural crops.

Aspergillus flavus AF36 is a strain of the fungus Aspergillus flavus that occurs naturally in the soils of the southwestern United States. Aspergillus flavus AF36 is a living fungus growing on sterile seed which serves as both a carrier and a nutrient source:

Active ingredient: Aspergillus flavus strain AF36*…….……….0.0008%

Other Ingredients…………… ……….…..99.9992%

Total 100%

*Contains a minimum of 3,000 CFU/gram in the End Use Product

When properly applied, Aspergillus flavus AF36 competes with strains of Aspergillus flavus that produce large amounts of aflatoxin and in so doing limits the amount of these high aflatoxin producers that become associated with the crop.

In association with the production or manufacturing phase of AF36, every batch of product is sampled in both the intermediate and final stages of production. Multiple tests are then run to ensure that the final product contains no microbial contaminants to interfere with the development of Aspergillus flavus AF36.

The wheat seed carrier is stream sterilized. This process kills all plant seeds. The product therefore contains no viable seeds of any weed or any other plant species.

The purity of the batches being shipped has been verified by laboratory tests in which quality control procedures have been applied to verify purity and quality of this biocontrol product.

In summary, the supplied Aspergillus flavus AF36 as delivered in product form contains only the pure culture AF36 on a sterilized wheat seed carrier.

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