Plower Program


TOLL FREE: 888-712-4134   ♦   LOCAL: 602-438-2088


A grower is required to call the Plower Hotline or fill out the online form to request an inspection for certification of their farm prior to the deadline.

We keep a legal record of your call. You will be asked to provide:

1. The county which your cotton is grown
2. FSA farm number
3. Gin you plan to use
4. Farm Name
5. Contact Number

Each week, an updated Plower log is e-mailed to our supervisors. They will check your field as time permits. Once compliance is verified, they will forward the appropriate paperwork to the Phoenix office.
Certification numbers are sent to the gins on a weekly basis.

Rule R3-4-204

Plowdown Certification Form

Submit your request for field inspection

Bale Assessment

View the current bale assessment fees for your area

Weather Related Extensions

See how to apply for an extension when a qualifying weather event has delayed compliance

Plow up & Planting dates

See deadlines for plow-up and planting in your area

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